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water supply pump

High Head Water Supply Pump , Single Suction Industrial Centrifugal Pumps

  • High Head Water Supply Pump , Single Suction Industrial Centrifugal Pumps
Product Details:

8/6E-G Pump Industrial Centrifugal Pumps for river course / reservoir desalting



8/6E-G Pump, G, GH type sand pump is the introduction of technology products, the pump with single pump pump shell structure, single-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pump,


The use of centrifugal pump (slurry pump), pump test run should meet the following requirements:

  1. The steering of the driver should be the same as the pump;
  2. Find out the steering of pipe pump and coaxial pump;
  3. 3. The parts of each fixed connection shall be free of looseness, and the specifications and quantities of lubricant added to each lubricating part shall be in conformity with the provisions of the technical documents of the equipment;
  4. The pre lubrication shall be carried out according to the provisions of the pre lubrication requirements;
  5. Every indicating instrument and safety protection device should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;
  6. The turning gear should be flexible, no abnormal phenomenon;
  7. The heat pump operation should be carried out before the pump body in the preheating temperature should be uniform, rise, should not be greater than 500 degrees per hour temperature rise; temperature difference between the surface of the pump body and a working medium inlet pipe should not be greater than 4090;
  8. The connecting device is set to eliminate the impact of temperature rise, set up to provide cooling water bypass connections.




Pump Model Allowable
Max. Power
Clear Water Performance  
Capacity Q Head
H (m)
m3/h l/s
6/4D-G 60 36-250 10-70 5-52 600-1400 58 2.5-3.5  
8/6E-G 120 126-576 35-160 6-45 800-1400 60 3-4.5  

Low Noise Centrifugal Water Supply Pump With Mechanical Seal Explosion Proof

  • Low Noise Centrifugal Water Supply Pump With Mechanical Seal Explosion Proof
Product Details:

6/4D-G Series Mechanical Seal Pump V-type V-belt drive ISO9001





  • This series of pump body and the pump adopts special clamp clamping pump cover, pump outlet direction at any position of 360 degrees, convenient installation and use. The bearing assembly adopts a cylindrical structure, which is convenient for adjusting the clearance between the impeller and the pump body, and can be integrally dismantled during maintenance. The bearings are lubricated by grease.
  • Seal form has packing seal, pay impeller seal, mechanical seal. The driving modes are V V-belt drive, elastic coupling drive, gear reduction box drive, hydraulic coupling drive, frequency conversion drive device, SCR Speed Regulation and so on.
  • The pump uses a variety of speed and a variety of variants, so that the pump in the best operating conditions. The utility model has the advantages of long service life and high operation benefit, and can meet the transportation condition of many kinds of bad conditions. The utility model is suitable for dredging, sucking sand and gravel, dredging river channels, sand excavation, metal smelting, blasting slag transportation, etc.





  • The Type G (or GH) pump is designed for continuous processing of the most difficult high abrasive slurries. The utility model is suitable for conveying mud, metal melting, explosive mud, dredging boats, river dredging, etc. in mines. Type GH is a high lift pump.
  • Marine sand pump
  • Dredging mud pump
  • Pump for sugar refinery
  • Mud pump for Tailings Transportation​



High Capacity Chemical Centrifugal Pump With Vice Impeller Seal / Packing Seal

  • High Capacity Chemical Centrifugal Pump With Vice Impeller Seal / Packing Seal
Product Details:

14/12G-G Chemical Centrifugal Pump , vice impeller seal / packing seal pump


Installation of mechanical seal for slurry pump

1. check the mechanical seal installed type, specifications are correct.
2. check the size of the slurry pump and the installation of mechanical seals related to the size of parts, geometric accuracy and correlation are consistent with technical requirements. The main aspects are as follows:

(1) the radial runout tolerance of the shaft (or shaft sleeve) that installs the mechanical seal part, the surface finish and outer diameter tolerance of the shaft (or axle sleeve).
(2) the verticality of the center line of the axle (or axle sleeve) is allowed by the combination of the sealing cavity and gland.
(3) install the end of the shaft (or axle sleeve) of the ring seal ring, install the chamfering and finish of the end of the shell of the mechanical seal.
(4) the axial displacement of the shaft of the mechanical seal.


3. the installation of mechanical seal process should be kept clean, and do not allow tools to tap sealing elements, in case of damage and damage.
4. when installing, the movable and static ring surface should be coated with a layer of clean oil and turbine oil. The auxiliary sealing ring (including the movable ring seal ring and the static ring seal ring) also needs to be coated with a clean oil or turbine oil before installation so as to ensure the smooth installation.
5. the static ring sealing ring in static ring back after the sealed end cover, should pay attention not to hurt the static ring end face, to ensure that the end surface of the static ring and the end cover is vertical to the central line, and pay attention to the anti rotary slot alignment anti rotation pin static ring back, but not in contact.
6. The rotating part of the mechanical seal is fixed to the axle by two fixed screws on the spring seat. When the screws are tightened, the working length of the spring must be ensured.


Application of mechanical seal for slurry pump


  1. before the start of the slurry pump, it is necessary to check the attached device of the mechanical seal, and whether the cooling and lubricating system is perfect and unblocked.
  2. The material line shall be cleaned before starting to prevent rust impurities from entering the sealing chamber.
  3. Turn the shaft with the hand wheel to check whether the shaft rotates smoothly. If the disk is moving, check whether the installation size is correct.
  4. Before normal driving, the static pressure test is needed to check the sealing effect of the end face, the sealing ring and the sealing end cover of the mechanical seal. If there is any problem, the problem shall be checked and checked one by one.
  5. before the slurry pump starts, the chamber should be filled with liquid or sealed medium, if a separate sealing system should be started, the cooling water system must start circulating.
  6. before normal use, first run at atmospheric pressure, observe the temperature rise of the seal is normal, whether leakage phenomenon. If there is a slight leak, you can run for a period of time, so that the end surface is more uniform, until the leakage gradually reduced to normal. If the operation is 1 - 3 hours, the amount of leakage is not reduced, you need to stop the inspection.
  7. normal operation, step-up, heating can be carried out slowly, and pay attention to the temperature rise and leakage situation, such as all normal, that can be put into production.

When stopping, we should stop the slurry pump and stop cooling and lubricating system.




  • Gravel pump is mainly used for channel, reservoir desalination, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and tailings reservoirs. A sand pump is designed for continuous handling of the most difficult, high abrasive slurries required by ordinary pumps. The utility model is suitable for conveying mud, metal melting, explosive mud, dredging boats, river dredging, etc. in mines.
  • The Type G (or GH) gravel pump is designed for the continuous treatment of the most difficult high abrasive slurries, which contain too much solids and can not be pumped out by ordinary pumps. It is suitable for conveying mud, metal melting, explosive mud and other fields. Type GH is a high lift pump.


Electric Water Supply Pump High Efficiency , Industrial Chemical Pumps

  • Electric Water Supply Pump High Efficiency , Industrial Chemical Pumps
Product Details:

12/10G-G Electric Centrifugal Pump for Marine Sand and Gravel Dredge / River Sand





  • Centrifugal pumps are widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical and other chemical industries to transport liquids of different properties, providing the pressure and flow needed for chemical reactions. Various kinds of centrifugal pump, according to the medium properties can be divided into acid pump, pump, water pump, mud pump etc.. The working temperature and working pressure of the conveying medium are different. Therefore, it is very important to improve the economic benefit of the factory by effectively prolonging the use period of the centrifugal pump and reducing the maintenance amount.


Selection and installation of centrifugal pump (slurry pump)


Centrifugal pump (slurry pump) should be selected in accordance with the delivery of liquid, and check the required performance, analysis of suction, discharge conditions, intermittent operation or continuous operation. Centrifugal pumps (slurry pumps) usually operate at or near the pressure and flow conditions specified by the manufacturer. When installing the slurry pump, the following review should be carried out:

  1. The size, location and elevation of the foundation shall comply with the design requirements. The anchor bolt must be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation, and the machine should not be damaged, damaged or corroded;
  2. According to the characteristics of the conveying medium of the slurry pump, the main parts, material of shaft seals and gaskets should be checked when necessary;
  3. Thirdly, the leveling of the slurry pump should be in accordance with the technical documents of the equipment. If there is no regulation, it shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "general specification for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation works";
  4. All the pipelines connected with the slurry pump, the installation of the pipe fittings and the cleaning requirements of the lubricating oil pipeline shall comply with the relevant national standards.
Model Outlet diameter (mm) Speed (r/min) Flow
Head (m) Effeciency (%) Motor Power (kw) Impeller diameter (mm) Maximum permissible particle size (mm)
12/10G-G 250 400-850 360-1200 12-60 65 600 667 220
12/10G-GH 250 350-700 1400-2700 10-60 70 600 915 210
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