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sand mining pump

6/4E-Ah Heavy Duty Sand Mining Pump , Single Stage Centrifugal Slurry Pump

  • 6/4E-Ah Heavy Duty Sand Mining Pump , Single Stage Centrifugal Slurry Pump
Product Details:


Type AH pumps are cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal pumps, the shaft seal adopts gland seal or centrifugal seal.The discharge of AH pumps can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees as request.It is widely used in the mining, metallurgy, power, chemistry, and construction industry. AH types are designed for handling slurries with strong abrasiveness and high density, they can be operated in parallel. AH pumps have interchangeable hard alloy or elastomer liners and impellers while.




Part name Pump casing Impeller Shaft seal-ring
onpump casing
Material Cast iron
Ductile iron
Cast steel
Stanless steel
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Cast iron




a. Horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump
b. Flow-passage parts: High chrome alloy lined
c. High efficiency
d. Easy maintenance
e. Light weight and long service life time
f.  ISO9001
g. OEM Service

6/4E-AH(R) Slurry Pump performance parameters


6/4E-AH METAL METAL 120KW 45 - 100 12 - 56 800 - 1550 65% 5 - 8
6/4E-AHR RUBBER RUBBER 120KW 40 - 90 12 - 45 800 - 1350 65% 3 - 5


Large Volume Sand Mining Pump Heavy Duty Casing For Gravel And Dredge

  • Large Volume Sand Mining Pump Heavy Duty Casing For Gravel And Dredge
Product Details:



Gempump G series pumps are designed to handle very large particles for gravel and dredge operations.Capable of handling large particles at consistently high efficiencies result in low cost of ownership.The large volume internal profile of the casing reduces associated velocites further increasing component life.Gempump gravel and dredge pumps are designed to pump aggressive slurries with a wide distribution.



Sand and gravel

Hydraulic mining

River dredging

Cyclone Feed

Slag Granulation

Sugar Beet

Heavy refuse removal


Features & Benefits


The unique segmented clamp ring allows casing rotation to any required angle,which removes the need for costly high wear bends.


IMPELLERS – Expulsion vanes cut down on gland pressure and reduces risk of high solid concentration in gland area.


CASING – Heavy duty casing has been designed to minimize internal velocities resulting in greater efficiency and prolonged wear life.



EXPELLER (CENTRIFUGAL SEAL)–No gland water required

STUFFING BOX –flushed gland sealing with packing and lantern ring.




– Grease lubricated cartridge bearing assembly,which is simple in structure,reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

– Large shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet end contribute to long life and reliability in the field.

- Safe and simple impeller adjustment to maintain top efficiency.


Model Motor
Head (m) Speed
Eff.% NPSH
Impeller Dia. (mm)
6/4D-SG 4-60 36-250 5-52 600-1400 58 2-5.5 378
8/6E-SG 15-120 126-576 6-45 600-1400 60 3-4.5 391
10/8S-SG 30-560 216-936 8-52 500-1000 65 3-7.5 533
12/10G-SG 600 360-1440 8-60 400-800 65 1.5-4.5 667
14/12G-SG 600 576-2808 14-45 300-700 68 2-8 864
16/14G-SG 1200 720-3600 18-45 300-500 70 3-9 1016
18/16TU-SG 1200 720-4320 12-48 250-500 72 3-6 1067


YQS Hydraulic Sand Mining Pump / Sand Suction Pump For Port Construction

  • YQS Hydraulic Sand Mining Pump / Sand Suction Pump For Port Construction
Product Details:

YQS hydraulic Sand Suction Pump , sand mining pump for port construction



Product Description:


YQS hydraulic reamer pumping pump alias digging machine heavy load pumping pump, reamer dredging pump, hydraulic mixing suction pump. The equipment is hydraulic drive, can be used when supporting hydraulic stations, but also directly with the excavator, loader connected to use, not subject to power constraints, in the harsh conditions of long-term safe operation. Pumping sand pump on both sides of each with a reamer device, the work of the use of rotating reamer to cut the board layer of loose, and through the blade to the solid medium to the pump suction pump near the mouth, to achieve media delivery. The equipment can be used for the traditional mud pump can not use the clay layer, plate layer, clay layer, particles more large harsh environment.


Mainly used for metallurgy, mining, power plants, steel plants, water treatment plants, ports, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and other dredging dredging, sand mining, port construction, reclamation land, river beach filling and other sediment media Extraction and delivery.


Product Features and Benefits:

  1. can be flexible supporting hydraulic stations, excavators, loaders and other equipment to use, to break the power limit, flexible transition, especially in remote areas of construction.
  2. reamer device for low-speed high-torque, able to dig agitated board sediment, large granular solid, pebbles and so on.
  3. pump shell, impeller and other major parts of the use of high wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant, no clogging, over-current ability, the maximum diameter of the ball can be over 110mm.
  4. can be used for deep water operations, the maximum dive depth of 100 meters.

Advantages of hydraulic drive:

  1. stalled, overload without damage, load capacity can be automatically achieved overload protection.
  2. applicable to the harsh conditions of the mine, sediment, plate junction, and more pebbles.
  3. hydraulic motor light weight, small size, small inertia, the reaction speed.
  4. easy to control and control, can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation.
  5. according to working conditions, the use of mechanical and electrical fluid to achieve hydraulic system automation control, and remote control.​

YQS type hydraulic reamer pumping pump Model and parameters:









Overcurrent Capacity


Outlet diameter


(Supporting 200 digging machine)
300 22.3 1250 45 150
240 26.4
200 29
(Supporting 300 digging machine)
500 30 1225 110 150
400 19 980


Strong Abrasion Heavy Duty Centrifugal Slurry Pump For Delivering Slurry Wear Resistant

  • Strong Abrasion Heavy Duty Centrifugal Slurry Pump For Delivering Slurry Wear Resistant
Product Details:

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:

Plywood case or depend on customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:
Shipped in 25 days after payment


Heavy duty mineral processing centrifugal coal mining slurry pump series AH(R)
Heavy duty slurry pump
High efficiency
wear resistant materials
Interchangeable of parts
Double casing structure

Slurry pump application

AH(R) series heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump is used for delivering slurry with strong abrasion and high concentration for metallurgy, mines, coal and power plant, etc.


Slurry pump type notation

4----Suction diameter
3----Discharge diameter
D-----Frame type
AH---- Slurry pump type

Slurry pump features

High efficiency, wear resistant, stable performance, interchangeability of parts.
Series AH(R), the lining and impeller can be made of wear metal or rubber.
Grease lubrication, single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered, horizontal, wear resistant layer and bearing layer can be separated, double casing structure.
The discharge outlet of the centrifugal slurry pump can be adjusted with rotation interval of 45 degrees; the pumps can be operated in series and driven by belt.


Type Allowable Mating Max. Power(Kw) Clear Water Performance Impeller
Capacity/Q m³/hr Head/m Speed/rpm Max Efficiency/% NPSH/m Nos of Vane Impeller Diameter/mm
1.5X1B-AH 15 12.6--28.8 6--68 1200--3800 40 2--4 5 152
2X1.5B-AH 15 32.4--72 6--58 1200--3200 45 3.5--8 5 184
3X2C-AH 30 39.6--86.4 12--64 1300--2700 55 4--6 5 214
4X3D-AH 30 86.4--198 9--52 1000--2200 71 4--6 5 245
6X4E-AH 60 162--360 12--56 800--1550 65 5--8 5 365
8X6E-AH 300 360--828 10--61 500--1140 72 2--9 5 510
10X8ST-AH 560 612--1368 11--61 400--850 71 4--10 5 686
12X10ST-AH 560 936--1980 7--68 300--800 82 6 5 762
14X12ST-AH 560 1260--2772 13--63 300--600 77 3--10 5 965
16X14ST-AH 1200 1368--3060 11--63 250--550 79 4--10 5 1067
18X16ST-AH 1200 2520--5400 13--57 200--400 85 5--10 5 1370


Large Particle Sand Suction Pump For Rivers And Lakes Reservoir Pumping Sand

  • Large Particle Sand Suction Pump For Rivers And Lakes Reservoir Pumping Sand
Product Details:

Large particle Sand Suction Pump For Rivers and lakes reservoir pumping sand



Product Description:

Large particles diving pumping pump (large particle submersible suction pump) over-current components made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy, flow channel wide, over-current ability, matching reamer or flushing device can be pebble More, the sand layer hard environment, the maximum over-current capacity of up to 10 cm or more

Large particle diving pumping pump is designed for gravel and granite construction environments. The pump in the absorption of NSQ diving pump on the basis of the advantages of the pump to optimize the design, so that the pump over-current capacity greatly improved, the maximum diameter of up to 12cm through the particles.


Widely used in pebbles and large particles in particular, the pump over-current capacity requirements of the environment: rivers and lakes, reservoir pumping sand mining; sand layer harder or a layer of the river, wharf, port dredging dredging construction ; Road and bridge pile foundation construction; factories and mines with large solid particles of medium extraction and transportation.


Product Features and Benefits:

  1. according to user needs to install flushing device or electric, hydraulic reamer.
  2. the pump flow components through thick design, the use of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy made of materials, wear resistance, long service life.
  3. over-current ability, the largest diameter through the particles up to 12cm.
  4. the pump one, easy to operate and flexible, in use without the suction limit.
  5. supporting the special control cabinet, pumping pump can play a water pump, overload, phase loss, leakage and other protection.

Large particle diving pump model and parameters:






Motor Power






Inlet/outlet diameter mm

Overcurrent Capacity


NSQ200-17-37LS 200 17 37 980 70 100/150 51
250 13
180 19
NSQ350-20-55LS 250 23 55 980 57 200/150 125
350 20
450 18
NSQ350-27-55LS 200 32 55 980 62 200/150 120
350 27
400 25
NSQ400-26-75LS 250 31 75 980 59 200/150 120
400 26
500 21


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