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mission centrifugal pump

High Chrome Mission Centrifugal Pump 5X4X14 , Mission Mud Pumps Combination Seal

  • High Chrome Mission Centrifugal Pump 5X4X14 , Mission Mud Pumps Combination Seal
Product Details:


5×4×14 centrifugal mission sand pump applies to truck-mounted drilling rigs or pocket drilling rigs



Structure characteristics

The centrifugal pump is mainly composed of a pump casing, impeller, pump shaft, wear plate, seal, bearing, bearing, coupling, motor and the base.


The characteristics of the series is centrifugal pump:

1. open impeller, suitable for conveying high viscosity drilling fluid;
2. combination seal, long service life;
3. all the bearings, shafts and other parts of the centrifugal pump are universal, convenient for maintenance and cost saving;
4., the main parts are wear-resistant ductile iron, resin sand precision casting, long service life, beautiful appearance.

Sugar Processing Mission Centrifugal Pump Replaced Centrifugal Sand Pump

  • Sugar Processing Mission Centrifugal Pump Replaced Centrifugal Sand Pump
Product Details:



Item QTY.
one pump
Part No. Stock No. Description
1* 1 See below   Casing
1A 1 10399-46-1 648403012 Gasket,casing
1B 12 3932-61 648402014 Nut,casing
1C 12 3862-76 648401115 Stud,casing
1D 1 8505-4-1 86485503 Plug,Casing Drain
1E 1 8505-4-1 646400507 Plug,flush line
2* 1 See below   Impeller
2A 1 19110-72 648405082 Seal,impeller
2B 1   7300239 Washer,impeller
2C 1   7415648 Bolt,impeler lock
3*# 1 22223-01-30 641116157 Stuffing box,mech.seal
3*& 1 20614-01-30 643365042 Stuffing box,packed
3A 2 3861-117 648401016 Bolt,stuffing box
3B& 1 19368-01 601499403 Grease fitting
4 1 20622A 641103338 Gland assy,packing
5A# 1 22451-1 648414308 Seal,mechanical
5A~ 3 25014-04M-B 661007005 Packing, Shaft - M.S. Backup
6 2 B3701A 601102494 Bolt assy,gland
7 1 20612-02-33 646490557 Shaft
7A 1 20943-04A 641103437 Sleeve,shaft
7B 1 4371-5-21 601212392 Key,shaft
7C 1 23444-01-72 648415156 Seal,shaft sleeve
8 1 22210-1A 641116108 Deflector assembly
9 1 20618-12-1 644302499 Frame,grease lubricated
9C 1 8505-04-01 601474737 Plug, Frame Drain
9D 1 8267-01 601473689 Breather
9G 3 2538-1H   Bolt,casing jack
10A 1 20626A 641103361 Cover,inboard bearing
10B 1 20625 648408706 Gasket,I.B.Brg.Cover
10C 1 20619-01 648408300 Oil seal, I.B.Brg.Cover
10D 2 3861-1 601407505 Bolt, I.B.Brg.Cover
10E 2 3932-2 601408560 Nut, I.B.Brg.Cover
10H 1 19368-01 648411908 Grease fitting
11 1 20615-1 648408102 Bearing,inboard
12 1 20624-01-01 644308504 Housing,O.B.bearing
12A 1 7496-253 648402295 Seal, O.B.Brg.housing
12B 4 3861-138 648401057 Bolts, O.B.Brg.housing
12C 2 3932-62 658404702 Nut, O.B.Brg.
  housing jam
13 1 20617A 641103296 Cover,O.B.Bearing
13A 1 19368-01 661010020 Grease zerk, O.B.Brg.Cover
13B 1 7496-26 72200017 O-ring, O.B.Brg.Cover
13C 1 20619-02 648408359 Oil seal, O.B.Brg.Cover
13D 2 3861-139 648401081 Bolt, O.B.Brg.Cover
14 2 20616-1 648408201 S Bearing, O.B.
14A 1 6124-4 648402105 Lockwasher,O.B.Bearing
14B 1 6123-4 648402055 Locknut, O.B.Bearing
1* 1 19203-01-30A 641101753 Casing,3×2×13
1* 1 19205-01-30A 641101902 Casing,4×3×13
1* 1 19222-01-30A 641102058 Casing,5×4×14
1* 1 19122-01-30A 641101456 Casing,6×5×11
1* 1 19123-01-30A 641101605 Casing, 6×5×14
1* 1 19763-01-30A 641102157 Casing, 8×6×11
1* 1 19117-01-30A 641101308 Casing,8×6×14
1* 1 20937-01-30A 641102322 Casing,10×8×14
2* 1 19204-XX-30 641215603 Impeller,3×2×13
2* 1 19206-XX-30 641217005 Impeller,4×3×13
2* 1 19224-XX-30 641217831 Impeller,5×4×14
2* 1 19121-XX-30 641211602 Impeller,6×5×11
2* 1 19121-XX-30 641212105 Impeller, 6×5×14
2* 1 19121-XX-30 641211602 Impeller, 8×6×11
2* 1 19116-XX-30 641209903 Impeller,8×6×14
2* 1 21867-XX-30 641221007 Impeller,10×8×14


11/15 Kw Mission Centrifugal Pump 4×3×13 Single Stage Single Suction High Power

  • 11/15 Kw Mission Centrifugal Pump 4×3×13 Single Stage Single Suction High Power
Product Details:

4×3×13 mission centrifugal sand pump is usually used as measuring pump or replenishment pump




Product introduction


  • Mission pump, a reliable, high power, low cost mud pump. Unique concentric round shell and wide impeller design, so that the centrifugal pump shows a wear resistance, long service life characteristics, and the use of maintenance costs are very low. Concentric circles are designed to reduce vibration and turbulence, because they cause great wear when pumped into drilling fluids containing solid solids. This design can also relieve high load and shaft deviation of pump.
  • The wide impeller design of the mission pump can reduce the speed of the liquid from the blade, and the design of the narrow blade will make the hard substance of the drilling fluid exert a great impact on the blade, while the wide blade design will not happen.
  • In addition, the MISSION pump is also equipped with a large load shaft, larger than the average diameter of the pump, but also extended the service life. You can even connect the shaft with the belt directly to drive the centrifugal pump.
  • The main material of MISSION pump is high hardness steel, stainless steel and bronze. It can be driven by an electric motor, a diesel engine or a hydraulic motor. We can provide the whole machine or separate pump head and fittings to meet the needs of users





Mission universal control silica sand pump for mining and construction, papermaking, textile, food, feed and other industries;


The mission of universal pump function:

  1. Single stage single suction
  2. Haft open impeller
  3. Anti abrasive material, high chromium alloy (flow part)
  4. The impeller is adjustable with the protection plate.
  5. Marx density: 50-60 (by weight)
  6. Easy installation
  7. Efficient work


Pump Parameters


Model Discharge Capacity Head Efficiency Power speed Inlet Diameter Outlet Diameter Weight Appearance Size,mm
4×3×13 60~80m3/h 22~28m 0.65 11/15 kW 1450/1750rpm 4″ 3″ 435/450kg 1531×495×674

ISO9001 Industrial Mission Centrifugal Pump 8×6×11 For Handling Slurries

  • ISO9001 Industrial Mission Centrifugal Pump 8×6×11 For Handling Slurries
Product Details:



  • Mission centrifugal pumps have been shown to be the best centrifugal design for handling slurries. These pump series offer a wide range of options for innovative functions in a variety of conventional, demanding, abrasive and corrosive applications. All pumps are used to construct high quality components and parts, and all the 100 dimensions of the same universal task 2500 is the highest, SPD Beck mud for 2.5 / 1.1, MCM 250, Derrickk 250 series, double life premium of 250, xbsy, TSC, victory, 31 hard disk tp-2500c, mattco, cobra pump and Dragon 250, Kazakhstan risbourg, prominent TSC hcp.etc.
  • It has an open impeller design that contains a wide range of vanes and more tangential suction, which allows the pump to create smoother flow patterns when handling abrasive fluids. The material consists of hard ductile iron, high chromium alloy, stainless steel and aluminum bronze hydraulic ends. The pump can be motor, diesel engine, hydraulic motor (horizontal, vertical, or tight coupling configuration). Sizes from 3x2x13 to 10x8x14.



Application and scope


Is mainly used for oil drilling cycle solid control systems, its role is to desander, except for mud mixer, etc. provide a certain displacement and pressure, to ensure the equipment work efficiently. 8×6×11 centrifugal sand pump 3000m drilling machine, can also be used as a pump to the three cylinder mud pump for slurry;


10x8x14 Mission Centrifugal Pump 1449/1749 rpm Speed 27.9~32.9 m Head

  • 10x8x14 Mission Centrifugal Pump 1449/1749 rpm Speed 27.9~32.9 m Head
Product Details:



  • The Mission MAGNUM I has been engineered for the toughest jobs in drilling, production, well-servicing, and industrial applications.The revolutionary design of the MAGNUM I provides supreme-duty performance in all types of fluid pumping operations. Although it offers greater capacity and higher heads, the MAGNUM I remains the competitive pump of choice for aggressive applications.
  • Ability: 25-450m3 / hr; head: 11-40m; speed: 1440-1480rpm; 1750rpm; motor power: 4-110kw;
  • Centrifugal pump centrifugal pump life: 1 years of OEE series power supply is ideal desander, desilter, jet mud mixer, slurry pump, charging is the feed pump head.
  • There are six modes of SB series centrifugal pumps, the engine power range from 4kw 110kw. The centrifugal pump is in the unit engineering structure or belt transmission structure, applies to the 50Hz and 60Hz power grid. It also has metric and British standards, clockwise and counter clockwise. Some types of sand pumps can be interchanged with similar sand pumps.
  • The utility model is suitable for mud transportation in the fields of ore, metal smelting, dredging, dredging, river dredging, etc.. Special impeller improves centrifugal pump efficiency and energy saving by 10%. The centrifugal pump adopts high wear resistant cast iron to improve its service life by 50%. Front door structure convenient for installation and maintenance of centrifugal pump.
  • Now widely used in overseas markets, including the United States (Nabors), Russia, the south, the United States, Central Asia and the middle east. The OEE sand pump is a horizontal, single shell centrifugal pump designed for continuous handling of the most difficult, strongly abrasive, oversized solids that are pumped by ordinary pumps.
  • If you need our products competitive price and fast delivery, please contact us. We provide you with the most timely assistance.

Pump Parameters



Model Discharge Capacity Head Efficiency Power speed Inlet Diameter Outlet Diameter Weight Appearance Size
10×8×14 260~300m3/h 28~33 0.65 75/90 kW 1450/1750rpm 10″ 8″ 1060/1140kg 2007×701×950



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